Coaching Can Help Even with Gardening

Think about it. What are you doing right now? You’re reading an online article about gardening, looking for tips to help you successful raise crops, whether small or large. In absolutely any profession, a lot can be taken from coaching. Years ago, before formalized schooling, most professions were passed down from father to son, with the father teaching the son in a hands on environment, exactly what he needed to do to produce a high quality product.

The History of Coaching Speaks to Its Importance

So whether you’re talking old school, like a blacksmith or smelter, or you’re talking about more modern professions, such as automotive technicians or computer developers, all need coaching. It’s very difficult to come straight out of formal schooling and be directly successful in your chosen profession. You’ll need a coach. Whether it’s a “gardening coach”, and baseball coach, a life coach, or a dissertation coach, coaching is a massive benefit. Don’t miss out on it.

Don’t Underestimate the Value of a Coach

I cannot overestimate the value of getting the help you need. When I was first starting off in my career, my first career position was IT manager. I was it. I didn’t have any help. So I spent hours researching online and talking to other IT professionals to get an idea of how to configure a network, printers, servers, etc. so I could provide the best service to my employer.

And it worked!

Using the knowledge and experience of others in one the hands down best ways to advance yourself. And even in gardening it is a tremendous help to seek out these resources. You’ll end up with a more successful crop, which means more food at a lower cost!

Now I know there aren’t too many garden coaches, but there are gardening shows on TV, and there are successful farmers out there. Seek them out, they can provide some wonderful insights to help you be successful. I can promise you, if you find those that know what you are doing and have been successful, and you follow their advice, you will be more successful than you otherwise would be.

So what do you think? Do you have a story? Or perhaps some further thoughts that you would like to share? Then I encourage you to add them to bottom of this page in the comments section. We all benefit from the knowledge, experience and expertise of others, so if you have some, feel free to share it! And then go out there and grow some great food!

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